ASUS ROG G56JK - Bluetooth Wireless Connection(on selected models)

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Bluetooth Wireless Connection
(on selected models)

Notebook PCs with Bluetooth technology eliminates the need for
cables for connecting Bluetooth-enabled devices. Examples of
Bluetooth-enabled devices may be Notebook PCs, Desktop PCs,
mobile phones, and PDAs.

If your Notebook PC did not come with built-in Bluetooth, you
need to connect a USB or ExpressCard Bluetooth module in
order to use Bluetooth.

Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones

You can wireless connect to your mobile phone. Depending on
your mobile phone’s capabilities, you can transfer phone book
data, photos, sound files, etc. or use it as a modem to connect to the
Internet. You may also use it for SMS messaging.

Bluetooth-enabled computers or PDAs

You can wireless connect to another computer or PDA and exchange
files, share peripherals, or share Internet or network connections.
You may also make use of Bluetooth-enabled wireless keyboard or

Turning ON and Launching Bluetooth Utility

This process can be used to add most Bluetooth devices.

1. Switch ON the Wireless function if necessary for your model (see

switches in Section 3).

2. Press [FN+F2] repeatedly

until wireless LAN icon and
bluetooth icon are shown.

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Notebook PC User Manual

Or double click the Wireless
Console icon in the Windows
notification area and select the
Bluetooth icon.

3. From Control Panel, go

to Network and Internet
> Network and Sharing
and then click
Change adapter settings in
the left blue pane.

4. Right-click Bluetooth

Network Connection and
select View Bluetooth
Network Devices.

5. Click Add a device to look for

new devices.

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Notebook PC User Manual


6. Select a Bluetooth-enabled

device from the list and click

7. Enter the Bluetooth security

code into your device and
start pairing.

8. The paired relationship is

successfully built. Click Close
to finish the setting.

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Notebook PC User Manual