ASUS ROG G56JK - Microsoft Windows Keys

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Microsoft Windows Keys

There are two special Windows keys on the keyboard as described


The key with the Windows Logo activates the Start menu

located at the bottom left of the Windows desktop.

The other key, that looks like a Windows menu with a small

pointer, activates the properties menu and is equivalent to

pressing the right mouse button on a Windows object.

Fn+V (on selected models):

Toggles “Life Frame” software application.

For some models, this function is available only when you enable

the camera.

Power4Gear Hybrid (Space Bar): This key toggles power

savings between various power saving modes. The power

saving modes control many aspects of the Notebook PC

to maximize performance versus battery time. Applying or

removing the power adapter will automatically switch the

system between AC mode and battery mode. You can see

the current mode through the on-screen display (OSD).

Pg Up (


Press to scroll up in documents or the web browser.

Pg Dn (


Press to scroll down in documents or the web browser.

Home (


Press to move the pointer to the beginning of the line.

End (


Press to move the pointer to the end of the line.

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Notebook PC User Manual

Extended Keyboard (on selected models)

An extended keyboard
is available on selected
models. The extended
keyboard has a dedicated
numeric keypad for
easy number entry. Use
[Num Lk / Scr Lk] to toggle
between using the extended
keypad as numbers or
as pointer directions. The
pointer direction keys are
for navigation between fields
or cells such as those in a
spreadsheet or table.

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Notebook PC User Manual